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Health Innovation

The future is Huddersfield

West Yorkshire is home to five of six national NHS offices and is the UK’s leading centre for healthcare and innovation. 


Hospitals, universities, and industry partners across the health, social care and wellbeing ecosystem in West Yorkshire work together driving innovation in patient care, health and wellbeing.  


West Yorkshire offers unparalleled opportunities to launch and accelerate investor growth ambitions, with Huddersfield as the heart of evolution.

Across West Yorkshire:

Huddersfield's thriving ecosystem

  • The sector employs 23,000 people, with a 15% job increase in the past year. 
  • Clusters include next generation medical devices, medical services, pharmaceuticals and drugs discovery. 
  • Companies like Paxman, Thornton and Ross, Kromek, Reliance Precision, and Nanosonics have global recognition and are at the forefront of innovation.   
  • The University of Huddersfield is the largest provider of nursing and allied healthcare apprenticeships in Yorkshire and Humber. It delivers over 40 health and wellbeing degree-level courses, and specialised linked degrees.

Targeted Support for Health Innovators

Business investors will find targeted support and soft-landing packages – providing unrivalled prospects to locate and grow in Huddersfield.

Healthtech makerspace

From 2024, Huddersfield’s 3M Buckley Innovation Centre will offer a bespoke health-tech makerspace and data visualisation facility.  This space will facilitate access to emerging technologies and support business scale-up and growth. In the future, this facility will be co-located with the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust, Locala and NHS England Community Diagnostic Hub at the NHIC Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre fostering innovation and knowledge transfer for hi-tech startup and SME businesses in the healthcare sector.

West Yorkshire Life Sciences Investment Zone

Along the Huddersfield Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor, the Investment Zone will benefit from a range of interventions which include skills training and business support. Innovators will benefit from proximity to the National Health Innovation Campus, which provides easy access to academia, research, and product testing. 

University of Huddersfield:
A beacon of excellence

With an already impressive track record in professional health courses and pioneering research, the University of Huddersfield is investing £250 million in a new Campus, offering remarkable opportunities for businesses and investors. This exciting development is driving further regeneration, investment, jobs, and growth in the field of health and wellbeing in Huddersfield.

National Health Innovation Campus

In the centre of Huddersfield, this transformative project will enable world-leading research and innovation, and their transfer into professional practise and industry delivering better health outcomes for all.

The first of seven buildings opens in Summer 2024 housing teaching spaces, offices, labs and simulation suites in the Health and Wellbeing Academy. Due to open in Summer 2025, the second building includes a Community Diagnostic Centre Hub in partnership with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust, and a health-themed Business Innovation Centre.

Follow the progress of the National Health Innovation Campus project on the University of Huddersfield’s website.

National Health Innovation Campus

Kirklees Health Innovation Showcase

Investing in Huddersfield offers a unique opportunity to kickstart and accelerate your business growth.   

Read our Health and Innovation Showcase to see why Kirklees is the right choice for your business. 

West Yorkshire Healthtech Strategy 2022 - 2027

Discover West Yorkshire’s potential to become the leading Healthtech cluster in the nation providing unrivalled prospects for partners to locate and grow. View the West Yorkshire Healthtech Strategy 2022-2027 for further information.

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